Your local Coffee roasters from Essen.

Coffee to genuinely enjoy with a high ecological and societal standard.

Coffee is one close allies in our daily routine. Yet, a lot of people do not really know much about the product before them. I did not know much about coffee, too. But during my first visit to the country of Nicaragua, where our coffee grows, things got started.

Coffee is so much more than our daily pick-me-up beverage, the colleague at work or the reason to invite friends over. The plant serves as a mean to provide a livelihood to thousands of coffee farmers and their families.

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That is the reason why Kaffee-Peter dedicated itself to the idea of socially acceptable trade and first class processing of extraordinary coffee beans.

Our mission has been recognized and awarded by the Deutsche Röstergilde e.V., which our company is a member of. That is an achievement we are particularly proud of since it shows that our idea does work with other people, too.

This website aims to give you a first idea about Kaffee-Peter, our products and our mission. But since coffee is all about drinking, too feel free to order some of our fine roast via our online-shop.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to provide tricks and further insides into the colorful world of coffee.

Yours sincerely,
Sebastian Peter
Sebastian Peter