The processing and trade with high-class coffee is one side of the medal. Sustainable and socially acceptable economic activity is the other. We aim on taking care of both sides. That is why we founded Kaffee-Peter in 2016. How do we do that exactly?

The Idea.

At Kaffee-Peter we try to stay in direct touch with our coffee farmers. Doing so, we aim on leaving middlemen out of the equation. Doing so helps the farmers to realize much higher prices for their goods. Our partner in Nicaragua is the farmers collective COASSAN in Jinotega.

Represented by the GEPA we signed contracts that guarantee a transparent pricing policy and the consistent strive to fulfill the GEPA´s mission which is to make sure that adding value takes places at the coffee farmers and their families. We at Kaffee-Peter receive first class coffee quality in return.

Furthermore, we visit the coffee farms every other year during harvesting to keep in touch.

The Roasting Plant.

“Roasting coffee is all about passion and the strive to create something very special.”

Kaffee-Peter is a manual roasting plant. We process our excellent coffee beans with the help of a Probatone 25 which is located in the northern part of the city of Essen.

We only use gentle, conservative techniques to roast our coffee to create distinct flavors and tastes as well as the most digestible product possible. Doing so, we need to control a lot of different variables that influence our doing. The remaining moisture percentage of the coffee bean and the temperature in the coffee roaster during the process itself are just two of these variables to be mentioned.

Our Green Coffee.

“Nicaraguan highland Arabica, carefully picked, selected and processed by hand.”

Kaffee-Peter only trades coffee of the highest qualities. Our main product, the Nicaraguan highland Arabica, grows in heights well between 1500 to 1800 meters above sea-level. The green coffee is picked by hand. This makes sure that all the coffee beans reached the same ripeness, making sure the coffee provides the best raw material possible in terms of flavor and taste. That is where our quality differentiates from conventional, mechanical green coffee picking. The human eye and experience beat the machine 10/10 times.

Der Kaffee-Peter Kaffee.

“Voller Geschmack, hohe Bekömmlichkeit, ein leichter Säurekörper und fruchtige, leicht schokoladige Aromen!”

Unser Kaffee zeichnet sich durch einen vollmundigen Geschmack aus, für den wir ein genau abgestimmtes Röstprofil entwickelt haben. Denn erst im Zuge des schonenden Langzeit-Trommelröstverfahrens entwickelt der Kaffee sein einzigartiges Aroma und wir so zu einem kulinarischen Erlebnis von besonderer Güte.

Voller Geschmack, eine hohe Bekömmlichkeit, ein leichter Säurekörper und – je nach Zubereitungsart – fruchtige, leicht schokoladige Aromen sind das Ergebnis dieses Prozesses.

Da Kaffee aber nach wie vor ein Naturprodukt ist, kann sich der Charakter unseres Rohkaffees und damit auch der Röstkaffees von Ernte zu Ernte ein wenig ändern. So stellt die Entwicklung und Weiterentwicklung unserer Kaffees einen essenziellen Bestandteil für außergewöhnlichen Kaffeegenuss dar.

The Packaging.

“Sustainability does not end with the packaging.”

It takes quite some time before you enjoy one cup of our fine coffee. A lot of people work hard to provide you with 5 minutes of peace and enjoyment. Our partners in Nicaragua aim for a sustainable, biological and socially acceptable way to plant, grow and process coffee. This we support by 100%!

That is why we took a lot of time choosing the right packaging for our products. Our packaging is a sustainable product made from the ecological friendly PE-composite. No aluminum, no plastic.

“Each package of coffee-Peter coffee is filled by hand, labeled and inscribed!”
“A special packaging for a unique coffee!”